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Benthem Manor is the central location of Season 1, Episode 1, The Haunting of Benthem Manor.

Benthem Manor was oiginally built by Morgwen Benthem, for his wife, Elenor Benthem, and his daughter Katherine Benthem, Katherine was killed in a fire, and her parents never recovered from their grief.

Simon Benthem, Morgwen's nephew inherited Benthem Manor and and brought his twin children, Gwenneth Benthem and Luke Benthem to live with him. They were joined by Lucy Benthem, Simon's second wife. Tragedy once again struck, as Gwenneth mysteriously died in her sleep, and Luke perished the following morning.In her grief, Lucy claimed responsibility, but could never articulate how.

Simon sold Benthem Manor to his cousin, Sarah Benthem, who currently resides with her wife, Dr Mary Kennewick. Season 1, Chapter One
The Haunting of Benthem Manor
continues the story.